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Bharat Icon Talent Academy

Bharat Icon Talent Academy

Bharat Icon Talent Academy

Bharat Icon Talent Academy now brings wonderful opportunities to those who have the passion to achieve their dreams. Yes, you heard it right if you think you have the talent and the passion then what are you waiting for Opportunities will always knock at your door … will you be ready to enter and grab them before it’s too late?

Qualified Fashion Stylists from Bharat Icon Talent Academy places an emphasis on holistic design, developing a good visual eye, and exhibiting the qualities of emotional & physical strength as one embarks on a rewarding career in commercial styling, fashion show curation,  fashion publications, image makeovers, television & film industry, theatre, and advertising.

styling agencies for television and reality shows, as well as with popular photographers to style portfolios. Starting their careers as assistant stylists to established high-end industry stylists, these individuals learn and – eventually – establish themselves in this highly competitive, creative, challenging, and exciting industry.

Fashion Styling & Image Design aims to develop and build fashion figures who are responsible for styling a designer’s collection, consulting with brands, deciphering fashion trends, and creating fashion images in collaboration with magazines, designers, brands, production houses, and e-commerce websites.

An organization is its people and to influence the growth of an organization, it’s necessary to empower the people. Bharat Icon corporate training sustains the capability of an organization by empowering the people and helping them grow as the organization does.

We provide result-oriented training solutions delivered by certified trainers with industry-specific domain experience. 

Bharat  Icon Talent Academy also undertook the unique approach of offering extensive business enablement support that includes business training, updated training and consulting material, a listing in a specialized search engine for Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers, backend lead management system, and ongoing comprehensive business coaching. This approach has enabled Bharat-icon-talent-academy to help consultants set up highly respected image consulting businesses. In the process, Bharat-icon-talent-academy has opened up a world of opportunity to potential Image Consultants and its programs have become the most sought after in the industry.