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Bharat Icon Award

Bharat Icon Awards

Bharat Icon Award

After the extraordinarily successful 6 Edition 2015 .2016,2017, 2018, 2019..2020 Get ready for the next big this for the coming year 2021.🤩 Let your dream shape into reality, to change the life into the best for we also give opportunity and exposure if you have talent and passion to grab it. Also, media coverage will be covered with all beautiful moments.

Bharat Icon Award is a totally Bollywood, Social & Business, Sports Award in which we honor with this award To those who gave their time, dedication, and devotion to the film and TV industry, Social, Sports, etc. 


we honor with some special awards to that legendary who is not with us but they had set a mark on this industry.We also motivate the newcomers in this industry by honoring them. Apart from this we also honor the people who always behind their success to look them beautiful on-screen like writer, choreographer, light man, Cameraman, Makeup Man, Technicians & versatile Artist, etc….